Job Searching in Foreign Countries

Updated on: Thursday, April 10, 2014

As a result of global economic set backs, the number of Indians searching job in foreign countries shows a negative trend considerably. The analysis reflects, the Indians who are otherwise settled in foreign countries like to return to their home land only. This is as a result of their belief getting a suitable job in India.

Recent researches, clearly says, mostly the people are reluctant to accept jobs in foreign nations or they are taking lot of preparation in accepting the job in foreign nations. Economic development in India probably attracts Indians back to their motherland expecting a better prosperity in future.

According to the recent statistics about 40% of job seekers from India are not interested to take up job in foreign  countries. As such, it is analyzed that around 34 percent of the people try to take jobs in western nations and around 26 percent of people go to foreign countries to settle in self professions. Around 28 percent of people who are in search job in western countries are inclining towards. Information Technology and related areas.

According to the statistics of 2014, there is a decline of 4% in the number people who are opting their job in foreign countries. These trends are purely because of down ward trend in economy and instability in jobs. The research analysis done in 58 organizations reflect this data and the reason for the decide of the people to come back of India, is, the present trend of good opportunities, more salary, facilities given in India for professionally talented people.

The opportunities in India for the fields in production and petrochemical Industries are more. Wide and attractive opportunities are available in Indian companies for the people who have experiences in the respective professions in foreign nations with post graduate qualification. No doubt, that the companies in foreign a countries continuously show their interest in utilizing the talents of Indian. The demand of Indian professionalists in the field of Engineering, information technology and Accountants still remain as it is.

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