More people likely to switch jobs in 2011; women to lead way

Updated on: Friday, December 31, 2010

Many people in the country are likely to change their jobs in the next six months, while women are expected to be more ready to find new employment
avenues than their male counterparts, according to a survey.
The findings of staffing services firm Ma Foi Randstad are based on the Workmonitor survey that also focused on the employees' readiness to change jobs.
"Women employees are most mobile in India and are expected to take lead in finding new jobs in 2011," it said.
As per the survey, which covered 27 countries, employees in India have the "greatest intent to change jobs in the coming six months".
The intention of changing jobs was also relatively high among employees in China, Mexico and Chile, it added.
"The mobility index is least in Luxembourg, Germany, Hungary and Netherlands indicating least employee churn," the report said.
Ma Foi Randstad Managing Director K Pandia Rajan said there is a clear upswing in Indian job market.
"Employees across various cross sections such as age groups, cities, income brackets, education levels... are showing an increasing trend in mobility... this trend will also lead to organisations focussing more on employee engagement and development," he added.
In India, there is a high level of comfort with respect to finding a comparable job in the next six months (90 per cent) as against the comfort level about finding a different job in the next six months (83 per cent), it noted.

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