UGC Instructs all the Colleges to Campaign on Digital payments

Updated on: Thursday, December 08, 2016

ugcAs the government focusing on making India a digital economy, UGC  requested all universities and colleges across the country to launch a month-long campaign to create awareness about cashless transactions.

In a letter to colleges, the University Grants Commission (UGC) said a month-long campaign from December 12 "can be run to educate and train students in various modes of digital payments".

"Participation in the campaign by the youth in the higher educational institutions is highly relevant because they would be the main beneficiaries of a digital economy free of corruption, black money, completely transparent and just.

"Hence it is essential that the heads of all colleges educate and train their students in the various modes of digital payments and encourage them to join as volunteers in large numbers for this campaign," it said.

An important component of this campaign is to ensure that every campus becomes completely cashless by adopting digital payment systems in all its receipts, payments and transactions within the campus, the UGC said.

"The NSS and NCC units in your institution may be asked to meet immediately and identify one nearby market or mandi to transform it into a digital market place, where all shops, establishments etc are enabled with digital payment system," the letter said.

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