Telangana Government signed MoU with Microsoft

Updated on: Friday, November 18, 2016

telanganaTelangana government today signed an MoU with Microsoft Corporation India wherein Microsoft will help the government to develop cloud, machine learning and mobile-based solutions to develop citizen services, education, healthcare and agriculture in the state.

In the MoU signing event, Telangana IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan has said, "Telangana government believes that ICT is the key to building not only a stronger economy but also an efficient and effective governance system."

"Through this MoU with Microsoft, we are confident about bringing in advanced solutions pertaining to our initiatives under Digital Telangana programme." Ranjan added.

Microsoft India (R&D) Managing Director Anil Bhansali said, "Over the past year, we have experimented with cloud, mobile and machine learning based solutions for better citizen connect as well as to help students, farmers and patients in India."

"We are happy to bring many of those learnings to Telangana and explore new use for these world-class technologies."

According to the MoU, Microsoft India organisation will work with Telangana government to support the development of cloud and mobile-based solutions and support the use of machine learning and advanced visualisation to help solve challenges in the fields of education, agriculture and healthcare, according to the release by Government.

"Telangana government has been an ardent promoter of ICT solutions, particularly in the fields of agriculture, citizen service delivery, education and healthcare. He crossed the magical figure of 7 crore online transactions through MeeSeva, the government is miles ahead of other states with its robust citizen service delivery platform," added Jayesh.

Telangana State has also introuced an innovative ICT enabled solution for government schools called TS-CLASS (Telangana State Computer Literacy and Skills in Schools) to revolutionise the way students are taught.

"Additionally, the Teangana government, with various partners, has deployed IoT enabled solutions such as healthcare teleconsulting for remote geographies and online marketplace cum support platform for farmers," he added.

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