CBSE to introduce value-based questions in the class IX, X final exams and class XII board exams

Updated on: Thursday, August 23, 2012

In a novel initiative, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is introducing value-based questions in the class IX, X final exams and class XII board exams to make sure that studies go hand in hand with progress in values. In the exams to be held in 2013, a total of up to five marks will be awarded for two questions in this section and such questions will confront students even in a subject like mathematics.

According to CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi, the new method has been introduced to provide a strong base for values among children.

“The CBSE will soon ask schools to introduce questions of the same genre in the lower classes in the Summative Assessment exams apart from laying the base for the same with the co-scholastic work”, he said.

The CBSE has now posted the sample value-based questions on its website for guiding teachers and students on this score in each subject.

In mathematics, one of the sample questions reads like this: When Ramesh, a juice seller, who has three types of glasses with different inner diameter for selling juice, prefers a glass with a plane bottom instead of glasses with hemispherical raised bottom and conical raised bottom, which value is depicted by Ramesh? The answer is ‘honesty’.

The intention is to remind the student of the unfair practices among traders and what needs to be upheld as value in trade.

The other subjects that have now been included for this ‘value’ test are Hindi, English, science, social science, Sanskrit in Class IX and X and Hindi, English, physics, chemistry, biology, accountancy, history, geography, business studies, entrepreneurship and economics in class XII.

“The other subjects will be included in due course to enable teachers to train students”, said Vineet Joshi. He said that more such sample questions would be put on the CBSE website.

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