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As a Social Entrepreneurship Organization, we are trying to work with NGOs to address rural education & Career challenges. We understand that any NGO will come across social problems which need to be looked into for finding the right solutions. The solution can be a simple solution or a complex solution which may require a systematic or knowledge based approach. For example, Education & Career guidance is one of the complex solutions. This can not be implemented overnight. This requires lot of tools and techniques, training, manpower and significant amount of time to see the result. Here StudyGuideIndia plays a vital role in making such solutions readily available for NGOs.

How StudyGuideIndia.com and NGOs can work together?
NGOs project time and energy:
  • » 5-10% administrative/Operation effort.
  • » 20-25% Fund Raising/Sponsors.
  • » 40-50% Identifying and creating unique project solutions.
  • » 35-40% Execution of the project.
How StudyGuideIndia.Com work with NGOs?
  • » We have a lot to do in the ground. It is not easy for any single organization to address all the challenges.
  • » We think that NGOs can focus on their strength (fund Raising, Project implementation, volunteers gathering) rather than reinventing projects. For example, Helping students to get education loan might look simple, but to understand the rules and regulations and staying on top of all the bank policy changes might be beyond the scope of any NGO. Here NGOs can identify students and solve the problem by using “Education Loan and Scholarship” guide created and maintained by StudyGuideIndia. We recommend NGOs not to reinvent the wheel. Try to utilize what is already available so that your service will be more effective and can reach more needy people. This is a very cost effective way used by NGOs in western counties.
  • » NGOs can use StudyGuideIndia as a knowledge repository for education and Career projects and save 40-50% of their time and energy from project innovation.
  • » We welcome suggestions, ideas and projects from NGOs to develop unique solutions for education and career challenges.
  • » We are a social Entrepreneurship organization and our focus is to address more challenges and reach more students in a systematic way.

For Example: Education Loan Help Desk

Some of our Ongoing Projects with NGOs / CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Organizations.

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