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The legal system of India is highly developed. For the well tuned system to work properly there is a need of learned legal practitioners. Law and order is the base on which our society stands today. Hence we see that the legal aspect is important in almost every field. Law Education in India has developed a lot over the years. Initially for legal education one had to go abroad. In the resent years Law Education in India has become at par with international legal courses. Law Education in India is a professional course which is generally of five years.

Eligibility Law Education

There are many colleges and universities which offer Law Education in India. To get admitted one must pass entrance examinations. The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is the most popular entrance test since it evaluates entrance to 14 National Law Universities. Other state universities as well as private colleges have their own entrance tests. But to be eligible for Law Education in India you need to have passed you 10+2 board examination with a certain percentage of marks.

Importance of Law Education in India

In recent days we all know how important legality is. Even an ordinary man may need the help of lawyers from time to time. Law Education in India is quite advance due to the requirement of law practitioners. Since law is required in many arenas the Law Education in India prepares aspiring lawyers and legal practitioners for their desired career.

Career Option Law Education

Once you have completed your 5year B.A. LLB course you can start practicing as a lawyer. Most colleges and universities help you get placed within law firms and businesses. Contrary to popular belief Law Education in India does not just force one to roam from court to court and fight criminal cases. One can opt to delve in criminal law, business law and many other branches of law. One may even opt for higher studies and specialise in the area they are interested in. So Law Education in India can help you get a wide variety of jobs.

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