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Education Bank Loan in India: State Bank of Hyderabad

State Bank of Hyderabad sanctions Education loan for the students to pursue their higher education in India or abroad. Under Hyderabad state Bank Act, 1941 State Bank of Hyderabad was formed in the name of Hyderabad state Bank. In 1942 its first branch was started operation at Gunfoundry in Hyderabad. In 1956 it was taken by RBI. Later in 1959 it started functioning as a subsidiary of State Bank of India.

Eligible Criteria for State Bank of Hyderabad Education Loan:
  • Students seeking loan should be of Indian nationals
  • Computer courses conducted by NIIT are also included under Education Loans
Amount of finance:
  • For Education in India: Maximum Rs.10.00 lakhs
  • For Education in abroad: Maximum Rs.20.00 lakhs
Margin money:
  • Upto Rs. 4.00 lakhs: Nil
  • Above Rs. 4.00 lakhs: For studies in India – 5%
  • For studies abroad – 15%
Security Norms:
  • Upto Rs. 4.00 lakhs :  No Security
  • Above Rs. 4.00 lakhs and upto 7.5 lakhs: Collateral in the form of satisfactory    3rd party guarantee.
  • Above Rs. 7.5 lakhs and upto 15.00 lakhs : Collateral security equal to 100% of the loan amount or guarantee of 3 rd person known to bank good for 100% of the loan amount.
Rate of Interest & Term

To know more details on RATE OF INTEREST, TERM etc, kindly visit nearest branch of State Bank of Hyderabad or browse through www.sbhyd.comfor detailed information.


Since the rules, regulations, eligibility conditions, repayments and interests rates etc. are revised by the banks from time to time in keeping pace with the changing capital market conditions, students and parents are advised to thoroughly check the terms and conditions of educational loan scheme on offer at the time of application.

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