Career Option in Sculpture

A. Field description:

Text Box:  Sculpture has its roots in folk arts, religion, traditions and culture, and is the visual expression of three dimensions in solid form. It may be round or relief and it is in practice since immemorial time.. Terracotta, stone, wood, metal are the most important medium of making a sculpture, and is influenced by regional and cultural backgrounds.

B. Education Guide

Education Details & Eligibility:

To become a Sculptor, one should have a graduate degree (B.F.A) in Sculpturing. The degree and postgraduate degree courses are offered by private and government arts colleges across India.

Basic eligibility criteria:

+2 (Higher Secondary students) with any group as the major can choose Bachelor degree in Sculpturing (B.F.A).

Course Duration:

Training in this field is available at a number of schools and institutes all over India. These courses are offered at the levels of

The course duration for the various programs is as follows:

  • Diploma in Sculpture is two years.
  • B.A (Sculpturing) is four years.
  • M.A (Sculpturing) is two years.

Approximate Education Expenses:

The total expense for doing Bachelor of Arts in Sculpturing in Government arts colleges is as follows

  • B.F.A - Rs.1500/ per year - (4 Years)
  • M.F.A - Rs.1700/ per year - (2 Years)

Bank loans and private loans can be easily arranged by directly contacting the banks through the college administration.

Additional Skills:

Creativity and marketing are the two main criteria determining the career success for a professional.

A Sculptor should also develop qualities like

  • Dedication,
  • Expressive skills in Sculpturing,
  • Sculpturing experience,
  • Creativity,
  • Marketing ideas etc.
C. Institutions that offer this Education

Almost all the universities and institutes involving Arts offer Bachelors degree in Sculpturing and its related fields. For details on colleges please visit

D. Job Opportunities and Job Roles

A person who has completed B.F.A in Sculpturing has wide opportunities in the following fields.

  • Antique remodelling
  • Temples
  • Construction
  • Churches etc.
E. Approximate Salary Range

The salary can be from Rs.7,000 to Rs.10,000 for a career starter and increases with experience and knowledge in creating new types and variety with exposure to foreign opportunities.

F.Related Links

The Sculptors Society was founded in 1951 and is the oldest sculpture society in New South Wales. The Society has over its lifetime provided a launching pad for the careers of many well-known and highly regarded sculptors, including May Barrie, Diana Hunt, Anna Cohn, Errol Davis, Alan Somerville and many others.
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