Career Option in Book Publishing

Book Publications

A. Field description:

Book publishing is a creative industry that helps source, develop and market content thereby helping spread knowledge. It offers multiple career choices especially in areas like the editorial side and the sales and marketing areas. 

B. Education Guide

Education Details & Eligibility:

The course details for a career in Book publishing and journal is plenty and the main criteria are the zeal to work. Graduates of Art/photography/calligraphy can join the art department; diploma students in printing technology can join the production side. Most of the students after completion of higher secondary join a company as an apprentice for two to three years and develop themselves to higher standards.

The following are some of the departments and positions available:

  • To get in to the editorial department, one needs a degree in journalism.
  • To get in to the art department Graduates of art or design., 
  • To get in to the production side a diploma in printing is required knowledge about, the technicalities of the printing process, artworks, graphics/ designers.
  • Similarly, in order to get in to the marketing and sales department one preferably has to have a degree in any discipline preferably an M.B.A.

Basic eligibility criteria:

+2 (Higher Secondary students) with any group as the majors with good English proficiency and editing skills.

Approximate Education Expenses:

The Total expense for a career in Book publishing media are as follows:

  • Diploma - Rs.30, 000/ per year - (3 Years)
  • Graduation - Rs.50, 000/ per year - (4 Years)

Bank loans and private loans can be easily arranged by directly contacting the banks through the college administrative.

Additional Skills:

One having the following qualities can become a book publisher

  • Love for books,
  • Good reading habits,
  • Interest in marketing and
  • Creative efforts,
  • Wide exposure to the needs of society.

Are the most essential qualities which a person should have in order to get in to the publishing career?

Higher Education Options:

After successful completion of the Bachelor degree, the options for higher education are plenty. A person with the above degree can opt for Post graduation or do M.B.A to take a greater hand in marketing.

C. Institutions that Offers this Education

There are only a few institutes offering course in book publishing in India. They are as follows:

Moreover the publishers themselves train their staff according to their requirements.

D. Job Opportunities and Job Roles

Jobs in the book publishing sector can be roughly categorized under three heads:

  • Editorial,
  • Production and 
  • Marketing.

Publishing professionals could find a job in many private publishing houses or in the publication department of organizations that undertake their own publishing requirements. Many central and state government agencies such as the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, and Ministry of Education and Culture, also have their own publication divisions. 

E. Approximate Salary Range

The salary can be from Rs.8, 000 to Rs.15, 000 for freshers and increases up to Rs 5 lakhs per annum with the persons experience and knowledge.

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