Careeer Option in Human Rights

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A. Field description

Text Box:  Human Rights is a niche and highly competitive field. Since incidences of serious violations of even the most basic human rights are on the rise, job opportunities are also increasing. As a Human Rights activist, the campaigner should protest against any human rights violations in any part of the world.

B. Education Guide

Education Details Eligibility:

To become a Human Rights activities campaigner, one should have a graduate degree ( B.A..) in Human Rights. The degree and postgraduate degree courses are offered by private and government colleges in India and abroad.

Basic eligibility criteria:

Diploma in Human Rights:

+2 with any specialization can pursue this course. Diploma courses in human rights can be mostly possible through correspondence and is a 1-year course.


A bachelor in Human Rights is for 3 years. +2 with any specialization are eligible for this course. Candidates with diploma course in sociology or humanities are more than eligible for this course.
post graduate & PG Diploma in humanities:

A bachelor with any specialization is eligible for doing Masters in Human Rights. A Bachelor with Sociology, or the Humanities or a Bachelor of Law are given preference for this course. Course duration for PG is 2 years, and PG diploma is 1 year.

Course Duration:

The course duration for the various programs is as follows:

Diploma in Human Rights is two years.
B.A. (Human Rights) is three years.
Masters program in Human Rights and Human rights and Criminal Justice, is two years.

C. Approximate Education Expenses

The total expense for doing Bachelor’s degree in Human Rights are as follows

B.A. - Rs.35, 000/ per year - (3 Years)
M.A. - Rs.48, 000/ per year - (2 Years)

Bank loans and private loans can be easily arranged by directly contacting the banks through the college administration.

D. Institutions that offer this Education

Almost all the deemed and general universities offer Bachelor degree in Human Rights.

For further details on courses please visit

E. Job Opportunities and Job Roles

A person who has completed a certified course in Human Rights has wide opportunities in the field. Variety of roles include

  • A Fundraiser,
  • A Campaigner,
  • A research analyst,
  • A marketing executive,
  • In public relations,
  • In finance,
  • Investigation,
  • Administration,
  • Lobbying and
  • In education as a tutor.

There are more opportunities than ever for young lawyers to build a career in human rights.

  • To appear for competitive examinations.
  • Providing opportunities to be absorbed in
  • NGOs
  • MNCs (law and order department)
  • Human Resource Department, local bodies
  • Access to join BL course
F. Approximate Salary Range

The salary can be from Rs.7,000 to Rs.16,000 for fresh graduates and increases with the person’s experience, his skill to tackle issues and domain knowledge.

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