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Posted By : Miranda Nishida
3/4/2021 6:40 PM

Evaluation essays critique or analyze a subject and can focus on a book, movie, or virtually any topic. Evaluation essays make an assessment as to the subject's quality and can be either serious or silly in tone. Below are several websites designed as resources for examples and tips on evaluation essays.

Writing for College

WritingforCollege offers examples of student papers. They are considered "A"quality material or entry level for professionals. Whether you are writing for school or business, this website offers prime examples of well-written evaluation essays and explains the best essay writer use of technique and structure.


EssayTown has a variety of useful, detailed information--its link to evaluation essays demonstrates how to write a good essay from introduction to conclusion. EssayTown will lead you through each point and convey how to structure a paragraph. There are also documents available that the site has determined to be premium examples of evaluation essays.


Writemyessaycheap provides full explanations as to why it is important to know how to write a good evaluation essay and how to do it effectively. This site gives maximum detail concerning the technical side of writing an essay and choosing the right topic. There is also a free downloadable sample of a well-written evaluation essay for continued reference.

English 110

This incredibly helpful website for buy essay online was designed by the English 110 Department at Monmouth College. The site has seven examples of evaluation essays that received grades A to C. They can be used as a rubric for judging well-written evaluation essay.


StudyMode is a website designed to inspire better grades. The attached link leads to more than 20 samples of evaluation essays and the entire website has more than 650,000 model essays and papers. The evaluation essays can be read online or downloaded and saved for reference after joining the website.

Writing an evaluation essay is a common writing assignment. It typically comes with particular criteria and objectives, but often the topic of choice is up to the essay writer. Sample evaluation essays should be used as a guide to writing the essay but ultimately the content and opinion must be that of the writer.


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