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Posted By : Malini Sharma
6/19/2019 10:39 AM


Product designing remains concerned with the creation of products which the business houses will later sell to their customers. You can say it is the translation of intellectual wisdom of designers into a specific product. Product designing is a vast concept and involves the creative accomplishment of intellectual and experimental professionals.

These days there is a considerable demand for studying product designing courses as there are growing opportunities in the industry for qualified professionals. Many pupils enroll at top-notch institutes to accomplish diploma, graduate degree, and master courses in product design.

Here are the top three curriculums in product designing, experiencing massive demand in the industry.

1. M. Voc Product Design & Entrepreneurship

This one year course involves Foundation in Design units and Product Design specific units targeting the requirements of respective professional industries. It is a project-based curriculum engaging pupils in practical thought-provoking, and interpersonal skills at an environment mimicking professional set-up.

After the accomplishment of this course, students get encouraged in establishing Product Design Entrepreneurial set-up where they apply their understanding about products, processes, supply chain, and retail management for its growth. This curriculum includes skill based and industry-based learning experiences, including internship programmes, skill development workshops, visits to industries, and participating in various design exhibitions.

Eligibility: Graduation in any stream Job Prospects:

After the fulfilment of this course, students get placed as product designers at private, government and NGOs enterprises. They can also serve as Independent Product Designer. Many individuals qualify for the post of Interface Designer (UX) Manager, Lifestyle Product Manager, Furniture Design Manager, retail Design manager, and FMCG Product Design Manager.

Skills Development:

Identify, design, and analyse products according to user’s requirement.

Understanding the art of designing at a local and global context.

Identify, design, and innovate designing solutions.

Ability to design and execute business plans for further growth of enterprises.

2. B. Des Craft & Accessory Design

This curriculum includes designing products ranging from crafts, furniture, to other accessories. In the Indian designing set-up, you can experience a perfect balance between the application of mechanisation along with hand-crafted skill (the latter attains more value for its unique quality). This bachelor of craft and design helps in integrating Indian crafts with contemporary design practice. Every stages and activity involving product creation get due importance in this programme. Students learn the procedures of controlling a creative process from inception to realisation.

Eligibility: 12th (any stream)

Job Prospects: Successful candidates get placed as design managers, product development managers, and product designers for leather goods, costume jewellery, watches, interior products and handicrafts.

Skills Development:

Imbibing the skills of product designing in the national and international set-up.

Understanding the principals of planning and designing products according to client’s beliefs, constraints, deadline, and budget.

Demonstrate skills of communicating ideas and respond to individual needs.

3. BA Product Design It is a 5-year International Degree Program (3+1+1 years) where students learn not only about designing a product, but also implementing strategies about developing new utilities of hand-made and machine-made products. Students even learn about the economics of product development suitable for contemporary lifestyles. This curriculum is in huge demand now, and the current Indian product industry depends considerably on export. Designers who are aware of world tastes and trends enjoy high demand now.

Eligibility: 12th (any stream) Job Prospects: After completion of this curriculum, students get placed as design managers, product development managers, and designers of interior products, bags, toys, costume jewellery, leather goods, watches, and handicrafts.

Skills Development:

Learning to design products according to different types of users’ requirements.

Experiencing self-empowerment by understanding the design processes in the national and international set-up.

Exhibit knowledge and skill to thrive at high-performance industries. Displaying abilities to identify, analyse, research, and innovate designs.

Exhibiting abilities to adapt according to transforming technologies and work scenarios. Implement creative thinking and adding value to products.

These were the top three courses in product designing, which would help you develop professional skills and thrive in the industry.

fnaf 7/12/2019 3:54 PM
Images of the products you share are great. They are very beautiful and sophisticated. I really like these products.

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