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Posted By : james-flick
3/12/2021 8:34 PM

Through a press conference, Raciel Pérez Cruz, municipal president of Tlalnepantla , presented the “ Punta Azul ” project, which will have a soccer stadium , shopping center, offices , 500 homes , an arena and warehouses.

The complex will be located on Gustavo Baz and Barrientos avenues, it is a 474,800 square meter property that will have about a billion dollars of private investment .

During the event, Pérez Cruz delivered the land use change document to the company ' Central de Almacenaje Metropolitana SA de CV (MC-2)' for the construction of Punta Azul; This document details that there is a polygon of action that facilitates investment in the territory.


Fernando Arista Nasr, CEO of Empresas MC-2 highlighted that the soccer stadium will have a capacity for 50 thousand spectators, represents 20% of the complex's total investment and will be built on 230 thousand square meters. He also clarified that it is not the stadium for the Cruz Azul cement team. However, he pointed out that it is not a limiting project, so the invitation is open to other investors who wish to join the project.

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“I am not coming on behalf of the Cruz Azul team or cooperative . The scope of the project can be for that or any team ”.  

Likewise, he explained that now that they have the change in land use, they will start the paperwork, which will take at least one year, so the construction of the stadium is expected to be completed in 36 months. 

Raciel Pérez Cruz, mentioned that Punta Azul will encourage the dynamism of the economy of Tlalnepantla, generating more than 100,000 jobs. “The government has generated confidence in its management, with this project we put ourselves at the forefront and consolidate Tlalnepantla as a competitive city at the national level. We reiterate our commitment to promote the construction of a city with a future, to generate transparent conditions to attract private investment ”. 

It should be noted that this same land was being valued by Cruz Azul for the construction of its stadium, however, the sports club has dissociated itself from this information. 



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